Statistical Machine Learning Reading Group

Winter 2014
Time: Tuesdays, 12-1
Location: EECS 2311 except on Jan 21 (Beyster 2733) and Feb 18 (Beyster 3725)

DatePresenterPaperAuthorsAppears In
1/21Clayexternal link: Online learning with kernelsJ. Kivinen, A. J Smola, and R. C WilliamsonTrans. Sig. Proc. 2010
2/04Ambujexternal link: Learning from CrowdsRaykar et al.JMLR 2010
2/11NickMystery paper. Topic: Cluster and Manifold Regularization under review
2/18Prateek Jain (MSR India)external link: Provable Alternating Minimization methods for Non-convex OptimizationJoint work with several co-authorsNon-standard location: 3725 BBB
2/25Robertexternal link: A note on Fermat's problemHarold KuhnMathematical Programming 4 (1973)
3/11LongA paper under review. Topic: optimal transport  
3/18Kamexternal link: Estimation in High-dimensional Vector Autoregressive ModelsSumanta Basu and George MichailidisUnder review
3/25Efren BB Cruzexternal link: New Perspectives on k-support and Cluster NormsA. McDonald, M. Pontil and D. StamosarXiv (2014)
4/01Takexternal link: Randomized Nonlinear Component AnalysisD. Lopez-Paz, S. Sra, A. Smola, Z. Ghahramani, B. SchölkopfarXiv (2014)
4/08Nhatexternal link: Consistency of a recursive estimate of mixing distributionSurya T.Todkar, Ryan Martin, and Jayanta K.GhoshAnnals of Statistics, 2009
4/15Hosseinexternal link: A new covariance inequality and applications J. Dedecker and P. DoukhanStochastic Processes and their Applications, 2003

Previous Semesters

Fall 2013
Time: Wednesdays, 11-12
Location: EECS 2311

DatePresenterPaperAuthorsAppears In
9/11Hosseinexternal link: Detection of an anomalous cluster in a networkE. Arias-Castro, E.J. Candès and A. DurandAnnals of Statistics, 2011
9/18Lauraexternal link: Rank Aggregation via Nuclear Norm MinimizationDavid F. Gleich, Lek-Heng LimACM SIGKDD 2011
9/25Takexternal link: Regularized M-estimators with nonconvexity: Statistical and algorithmic theory for local optimaPo-Ling Loh, Martin J. WainwrightarXiv
10/2Sougataexternal link: Classification Calibration Dimension for General Multiclass LossesHarish Ramaswamy, Shivani AgarwalNIPS 2012
10/9Clayexternal link: Sparse coding for multitask and transfer learningAndreas Maurer, Massi Pontil, Bernardino Romera-ParedesICML 2013
10/16Nickexternal link: Canonical Coordinates are the Right Coordinates for Low-Rank Gauss-Gauss Detection and EstimationAli Pezeshki, Louis L. Scharf, Johnk Thomas, Barry D. Van VeenTrans. on Sig. Proc. 2006
10/23Ambujexternal link: Online Learning for Time Series Prediction external link: Full version with proofsO. Anava, E. Hazan, S. Mannor, O. ShamirCOLT 2013
10/30Harishexternal link: Agnostic Active LearningM.F. Balcan, A. Beygelzeimer and J. Langford.ICML 2006
11/6ClayDecontamination of Mutually Contaminated ModelsGilles Blanchard and Clayton ScottAISTATS 2014
11/13Efren Cruz Cortesexternal link: Sampling Methods for the Nystrom MethodS. Kumar, M. Mohri, A. TalwalkarJMLR 2012
11/20Nhat Hoexternal link: Convergence of Latent Mixing Measures in Finite and Infinite Mixture Models XuanLong NguyenAnnals of Statistics 2013
12/4Longexternal link: Borrowing strength in hierarchical Bayes: convergence of the Dirichlet base measureX. NguyenArxiv
12/11Robexternal link: RATES OF STRONG UNIFORM CONSISTENCY FOR MULTIVARIATE KERNEL DENSITY ESTIMATORSEvarist Gine and Armelle GuillouAnn. Inst. Henri Poincaré (B)

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