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SML Student Workshop Summer 2015

Date: Wednesday, June 10
Location: 335 external link: West Hall
Organizing Faculty: Jake Abernethy, Laura Balzano, Long Nguyen, Clay Scott, Ambuj Tewari

external link: Full schedule with abstracts

8:45 Welcome and Coffee
9:00FacultyIntroductory Remarks
 Session 1: Convergence and Consistency
9:05Nhat HoWeak identifiability and optimal convergence rate of mixing measures in over-fitted Gaussian mixture models
9:20Efren Cruz CortesConsistency of a Fixed Bandwidth Kernel Density Estimator
9:35Hossein KeshavarzOn the consistency of the inversion-free estimation of Gaussian random fields for irregularly spaced spatial data
9:50Dejiao ZhangGlobal Convergence of the GROUSE algorithm for subspace estimation from undersampled data
10:05 Break + Q&A
 Session 2: Sparsity and Kernels
10:20David HongAdaptive Dictionary Learning with Training Images for Image Formation
10:35Aniket DeshmukhKernel Approximation for Transfer Learning
10:50Pengyu XiaoGrassmannian Online Sparse Subspace Estimation
11:05 Break + Q&A
 Session 3: Mixture Models, Meta Learning, and Link Prediction
11:20Robert VandermeulenSome Results on the Identifiability of Nonparametric Finite Mixture Models with Grouped Samples.
11:35Bopeng LiHandling Class Imbalance in Link Prediction using Learning to Rank Techniques
11:50Kevin MoonMeta learning of bounds on the Bayes classifier error
12:05 Lunch

Winter 2015
Time: Wednesdays, 3:00-4:00
Location: 438 West Hall (on central campus)

DatePresenterPaperAuthorsAppears In
1/21Wendy ShangInvariant Scattering Convolution NetworksJ. Bruna and S. Mallat 
1/28Laura BalzanoGlobal Convergence of Stochastic Gradient Descent for some Nonconvex Matrix ProblemsChris De Sa, Kunle Olukotun, Chris Rearxiv external link: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1411.1134v2.pdf
2/11RobTensor Decompositions for Learning Latent Variable ModelsAnandkumar et al.JMLR 2014
2/18Mikhail YStreaming Variational BayesBroderick et al.external link: NIPS 2013
2/25SougataFrom Bandits to Experts: On the Value of Side-ObservationsShie Mannor and Ohad Shamirexternal link: http://papers.nips.cc/paper/4366-from-bandits-to-experts-on-the-value-of-side-observations
3/11external link: Igor Prunster, University of Torino/ U Texas-AustinAre Gibbs-type priors the most natural generalization of the Dirichlet process?Joint seminar with Stats Dept 411 West Hall (Note: non-standard location) 3-4pm
3/18Nhat HoVariable selection for k-means quantizationClément LevrardSubmit to the Annals of Statistics, 2015 external link: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1406.3334v1.pdf
3/25HosseinOn the consistent separation of scale and variance for Gaussian random fieldsE. AnderesAnnals of Statistics, 2010, external link: http://projecteuclid.org/euclid.aos/1266586617
4/1HosseinEstimating deformations of isotropic Gaussian random fields on the planeE. Anderes and S. ChatterjeeAnnals of Statistics, 2009, external link: http://projecteuclid.org/euclid.aos/1247663757
4/8Bala Rajaratnam, Standford Universityexternal link: Principled and Scalable Methods for Extracting multivariate dependencies in Big Data  EECS 1200 {red}
4/15Nhat HoInference for Mixtures of Symmetric DistributionsDavid R.Hunter, Shaoli Wang, and Thomas P. HettmanspergerAnnals of Statistics, 2006, external link: http://arxiv.org/pdf/0708.0499.pdf

Previous Semesters

Fall 2014
Time: Wednesdays, 2:30-4:00
Location: 4246 Randall (on central campus)

DatePresenterPaperAuthorsAppears In
9/10MatusLoss minimization and parameter estimation with heavy tailsDaniel Hsu and Sivan SabatoICML 2014, external link: http://arxiv.org/abs/1307.1827
9/24Nick A.Clustering by fast search and find of density peaksAlex Rodriguez and Alessandro LaioScience June 2014, external link: http://www.sciencemag.org/content/344/6191/1492.full.pdf
10/1JJAlgorithmic connections between active learning and stochastic convex optimizationAaditya Ramdas and Aarti Singhexternal link: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~aarti/pubs/ALT13_ARamdas.pdf
10/8SougataTop Rank Optimization in Linear TimeNan Li, Rong Jin, Zhi-Hua Zhouexternal link: http://nips.cc/Conferences/2014/Program/event.php?ID=4797
10/15Jun GRank-One Matrix Pursuit for Matrix CompletionZheng Wang,Ming-Jun Lai,Zhaosong Lu,Wei Fan,Hasan Davulcu,Jieping Yeexternal link: http://jmlr.org/proceedings/papers/v32/wanga14.pdf#9
10/22external link: Shivani Agarwalexternal link: Statistical Learning in Complex Prediction Spaces: What Do We Know? 4464 East Hall (Note: non-standard location)
10/29HosseinAsymptotic analysis of the role of spatial sampling for covariance parameter estimation of Gaussian processesFrançois BachocaJournal of Multivariate Analysis 2014, external link: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0047259X13002571
11/5ENCCDensity Estimation in Infinite Dimensional Exponential FamiliesSriperumbudur et al.external link: arxiv
11/12Nhat HoRates of convergence for the posterior distributions of mixtures of betas and adaptive nonparametric estimation of the densityJudith RousseauAnnals of Statistics 2010, external link: http://projecteuclid.org/download/pdfview_1/euclid.aos/1262271612
11/19Mikhail YHierarchical Dirichlet Scaling ProcessDongwoo Kim, Alice Ohexternal link: ICML 2014
12/3Kamchung WongOn Iterative Hard Thresholding Methods for High-dimensional M-EstimationPrateek Jain, Ambuj Tewari, Purushottam KarNIPS2014 external link: external link: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1410.5137.pdf
12/10Bopeng LiCovariate Assisted Spectral ClusteringNorbert Binkiewicz, Joshua T. Vogelstein, and Karl Roheexternal link: external link: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1411.2158v1.pdf

SML Student Workshop
Summer 2014
Date: Wednesday, June 25
Location: 335 external link: West Hall
Organizing Faculty: Jake Abernethy, Laura Balzano, Long Nguyen, Clay Scott, Ambuj Tewari

TimePresenterTitleAppears In (if published)Additional comments or notes
  Session 1: Identifiability, Estimation, and Convergence  
9:05Robert VandermeulenEstimation of a Measure Over Densities from Pairs of Samples external link: abstract
9:20Kevin MoonEnsemble estimation of multivariate f-divergenceISIT 2014external link: abstract
9:35Nhat HoIdentifiability and Convergence Rate of Parameter Estimators in Finite Mixture ModelsTBDexternal link: abstract
9:50Pradeep RanganathanLocally-weighted Homographies for Calibration of Imaging Systems external link: abstract
10:05-10:20 15 minute Q&A time and break  
  Session 2: Health and Markets  
10:20Takanori WatanabeDisease Prediction based on Functional Connectomes using a Scalable and Spatially-Informed Support Vector MachineNeuroImageexternal link: abstract
10:35Dae JungComputerized Analysis of the 12-Lead Electrocardiogram to Identify Ventricular Tachycardia Exit SitesHeart Rhythmexternal link: abstract
10:50Huitian LeiOnline Contextual Bandits with Stochastic PolicyTBDexternal link: abstract
11:05Sindhu KuttyExponential Family Prediction MarketsEC 2014external link: abstract
11:20-11:35 15 minute Q&A time and break  
11:35-11:55FacultyDiscussion Panel  
11:55-1:20 Lunch break At external link: Silvio's
  Session 3: Scalability, High-dimensional Statistics  
1:20Efren CruzSparse Approximation of a Kernel MeanICASSP 2014external link: abstract
1:35Sougata ChaudhuriPerceptron-like Algorithms and Generalization Bounds in Learning to RankAccepted for presentation at IISAexternal link: abstract
1:50John LiporRobust Blind Calibration via Total Least SquaresICASSP 2014external link: abstract
2:05Kam Chung WongEstimation in High-dimensional Vector Autoregressive Models with Noisy DataTBDexternal link: abstract
2:20Yiwei ZhangHigh Dimensional Covariance Matrix Estimation via the Barra Model external link: abstract
2:35-2:50 15 minutes Q&A time and closing remarks  

Winter 2014
Time: Tuesdays, 12-1
Location: EECS 2311 except on Jan 21 (Beyster 2733) and Feb 18 (Beyster 3725)

DatePresenterPaperAuthorsAppears In
1/21Clayexternal link: Online learning with kernelsJ. Kivinen, A. J Smola, and R. C WilliamsonTrans. Sig. Proc. 2010
2/04Ambujexternal link: Learning from CrowdsRaykar et al.JMLR 2010
2/11NickMystery paper. Topic: Cluster and Manifold Regularization under review
2/18Prateek Jain (MSR India)external link: Provable Alternating Minimization methods for Non-convex OptimizationJoint work with several co-authorsNon-standard location: 3725 BBB
2/25Robertexternal link: A note on Fermat's problemHarold KuhnMathematical Programming 4 (1973)
3/11LongA paper under review. Topic: optimal transport  
3/18Kamexternal link: Estimation in High-dimensional Vector Autoregressive ModelsSumanta Basu and George MichailidisUnder review
3/25Efren BB Cruzexternal link: New Perspectives on k-support and Cluster NormsA. McDonald, M. Pontil and D. StamosarXiv (2014)
4/01Takexternal link: Randomized Nonlinear Component AnalysisD. Lopez-Paz, S. Sra, A. Smola, Z. Ghahramani, B. SchölkopfarXiv (2014)
4/08Nhatexternal link: Consistency of a recursive estimate of mixing distributionSurya T.Todkar, Ryan Martin, and Jayanta K.GhoshAnnals of Statistics, 2009
4/15Hosseinexternal link: A new covariance inequality and applications J. Dedecker and P. DoukhanStochastic Processes and their Applications, 2003

Fall 2013
Time: Wednesdays, 11-12
Location: EECS 2311

DatePresenterPaperAuthorsAppears In
9/11Hosseinexternal link: Detection of an anomalous cluster in a networkE. Arias-Castro, E.J. Candès and A. DurandAnnals of Statistics, 2011
9/18Lauraexternal link: Rank Aggregation via Nuclear Norm MinimizationDavid F. Gleich, Lek-Heng LimACM SIGKDD 2011
9/25Takexternal link: Regularized M-estimators with nonconvexity: Statistical and algorithmic theory for local optimaPo-Ling Loh, Martin J. WainwrightarXiv
10/2Sougataexternal link: Classification Calibration Dimension for General Multiclass LossesHarish Ramaswamy, Shivani AgarwalNIPS 2012
10/9Clayexternal link: Sparse coding for multitask and transfer learningAndreas Maurer, Massi Pontil, Bernardino Romera-ParedesICML 2013
10/16Nickexternal link: Canonical Coordinates are the Right Coordinates for Low-Rank Gauss-Gauss Detection and EstimationAli Pezeshki, Louis L. Scharf, Johnk Thomas, Barry D. Van VeenTrans. on Sig. Proc. 2006
10/23Ambujexternal link: Online Learning for Time Series Prediction external link: Full version with proofsO. Anava, E. Hazan, S. Mannor, O. ShamirCOLT 2013
10/30Harishexternal link: Agnostic Active LearningM.F. Balcan, A. Beygelzeimer and J. Langford.ICML 2006
11/6Clayexternal link: Decontamination of Mutually Contaminated ModelsGilles Blanchard and Clayton ScottAISTATS 2014
11/13Efren Cruz Cortesexternal link: Sampling Methods for the Nystrom MethodS. Kumar, M. Mohri, A. TalwalkarJMLR 2012
11/20Nhat Hoexternal link: Convergence of Latent Mixing Measures in Finite and Infinite Mixture Models XuanLong NguyenAnnals of Statistics 2013
12/4Longexternal link: Borrowing strength in hierarchical Bayes: convergence of the Dirichlet base measureX. NguyenArxiv
12/11Robexternal link: RATES OF STRONG UNIFORM CONSISTENCY FOR MULTIVARIATE KERNEL DENSITY ESTIMATORSEvarist Gine and Armelle GuillouAnn. Inst. Henri Poincaré (B)

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