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i>Clicker is an audience response system that allows students to instantly provide feedback and answer questions posed by their instructors. i>clicker technology allows students to respond to classroom presentations created in a variety of media, including websites, texts, audio and video clips.

For information on how to add i>clicker or any other tool after you have created your CTools site, click here, or click Edit Tools in the Site Info page under "Site Management" in the help table of contents.

How it works

The instructor presents a question and enables polling. Each student then responds by “clicking” the appropriate button on a hand-held clicker for his or her choice. A wireless signal is sent immediately from each responding clicker to the receiver. The receiver is powered through any computer's USB port.

Through i>clicker's easy-to-use software, the receiver logs and stores the data of each individual student. The instructor can then display voting results in a graph to the audience. The results are also available for later analysis, grading, and exporting to gradebook software or to a course management system.

More Resources

Click here for more information about i>clickers and how to use them. (Opens in a new browser window.)