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Some Features in Version 2.9


CkEditor is a new rich text editor that provides, among other things, greatly improved accessibility and support for copying text from MS Word. The CkEditor can be found in Announcements, Resources and several other tools. Read more here

Banner Links to Site Creation and Tab Management

The CTools banner includes Site Creation and Tab Management links. Read more here.

Easy Site Publishing

Sites can be published at any time by clicking a new Publish Now button above the left-hand menubar. Read more here.

Collapsible Tool Bar

Users can click a toggle to hide the vertical left-hand tool menu so that only icons for the tools are visible. This feature allows media that requires larger windows to display in CTools. Read more here.

Drawer for Sites

A new pull-down "drawer" gives users more flexibility in arranging and accessing their sites. Users can choose to have site links appear in their usual place along the familiar banner and/or in this new shelf. The drawer also includes a search feature. More about that here.

Open Sites to a Specific Tool

When opening a site, users can now go directly to a specific tool rather than the tool's homepage. Read more here.

New features in the Gradebook

In the Gradebook tool, instructors can now drop the highest and lowest grades (read more here) and can hide the columns in the table of grades (look here).

Choose a language for your site

With a feature that is especially useful for Sakai users around the world (Sakai is the international version of CTools), users can specify any one of 25 languages and dialects during the site creation process. Read more here.

Citations Improvements

The Citations feature has enhanced user interface features. Read more here.

Timeout Warning

As a security enhancement and to avoid lost work, if a user is inactive for one hour, the Timeout Window displays as a warning. Look here.

Easier Tab Management

In Preferences, you can use your mouse, keyboard, or keypad to drag sites between three columns: sites in the "Favorite Sites" column show up in the banner, those under "Active Sites" appear in the drawer, and those under "Archived" will not appear anywhere. Read more here.