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Tools and Features in CTools

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Announcements -- For posting information

Assignments -- For private submission and grading of coursework

BlueReview -- For linking to lecture recordings hosted on BlueReview

CAEN Lecture Recording -- For linking to lecture recordings hosted by CAEN

Chat Room -- For posting messages among site participants in real time

Drop Box -- For private file sharing between instructors and students

Email Archive -- For displaying email sent to the site

Engineering Honor Code -- For displaying your course honor policy (Engineering courses only)

Forums -- For posting topics and responses

Gradebook -- For posting grades, either entered directly or imported from other tools

i>clicker Sakai i>clicker Plugin - integrates Sakai and i>clicker products

iTunes U -- For distributing media using iTunes

LectureTools -- For enabling live interactivity during lecture sessions

Library Help -- For instant-messaging with a UM librarian

M+Box -- For storing and sharing files in your M+Box account

Messages -- For posting messages directly to individual site participants

Modules -- For building and displaying sequenced learning materials

News -- For displaying RSS and other -- Forms of syndicated web content

Piazza -- For students to ask and answer questions under the guidance of their instructor

Podcasts -- For distributing media

Polls -- For collecting feedback on a given question

Resources -- For posting documents, website URLs, etc.

Schedule -- For posting deadlines, events, etc.

Site Info -- For modifying site properties and participants

Syllabus -- For posting a summary, outline, or requirements

Test Center -- For building and distributing assessments (e.g., quizzes)

Web Content -- For displaying standard web pages

Wiki -- For collaborative authoring of pages and content