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Using Templates to Set Up a Site


1. Introduction
2. The HIPAA Site Template
3. Using templates -- Step by Step


Templates are preformed and pre-populated sites. When creating a project or course site, rather than adding the description, figuring out roles, and choosing the tools, etc., everything is automatically set up. You can choose to use a template early in the site-creation process.

Templates are particularly useful for courses with many sections in which each instructor needs to set up a course site. Using a template for the sites ensures that they cover the same material, use the same syllabus, etc.

The HIPAA Site Template

The HIPAA template allows you to create HIPAA-compliant project sites. Follow the instructions below to use this template for your site. The HIPAA template can be found under "Specialized Projects." For more information about HIPAA, go to:

Using Templates -- Step by Step

You can choose a template at the beginning of the site-creation process.

1. Log in to CTools.

2. While you are in your workspace, select Worksite Setup from the list of tools.

3. Cilck the New button at the upper left corner of the window.

4. Click the radio button next to Create site from template to display the template categories.

- Affiliation
- Course Types
- Project Types
- Specialized Courses
- Specialized Projects

5. Click on a category name to see what templates are available.

6. Select the particular template you would like to use to create a site, e.g., "HIPAA Template".

7. In the box that appears, you can specify:

-- Depending on the type of site, you will choose the term or add a title for the site.

-- Copy Users: Users specified in the template will be copied to your new site. This usually consists of support staff from your school.

-- Copy Content: Content included in the template will be copied to your site. This may consist of material selected by your campus, school or department.

-- Publish Site: Site will be published immediately. Leave unchecked to keep as a private draft. Click here for more information about publishing sites.

8. Click the Done - go to site button to create the site from the template.

You will now have a tab for your new site either in the blue banner across the top of the main window or in the drawer, which appears when you click More Sites (you may need to refresh your browser). You will see a link to your new site in your membership list (click Membership in the left-hand menu while you are in My Workspace).