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Making the Connection


UM.Sitemaker Connect allows sections in a UM.Sitemaker site to be integrated into a CTools site. This is accomplished by setting up a Shared Secret that allows anyone on a CTools roster to automatically have access to restricted resources in a UM.Sitemaker site.

Note: This tool is available by request only by contacting

Examples of Use

You can embed web pages, files, or data tables that you have created in UM.Sitemakar within your CTools site.

Making the Connection

Important Note: SiteMaker Connect must be enabled for your site before you can complete the following steps. To request SiteMaker Connect, contact

Part 1

1. Log into your UM.Sitemaker site.

2. Click on the Access Groups tab.

3. Select the Remote Access link.

4. Enter a Shared Secret value.

5. Copy the Connect link. (You will need this in a future step.)

Part 2

6. Log into your CTools site.

7. Under Site Info Link, select the checkbox next to Sitemaker Connect and click Continue.

8. Click the Finish button.

9. Select the newly added Sitemaker Connect link.

10. Click the Edit icon (image of pencil and paper) in the upper right.

11. Paste the Connect Link (which you copied in step #5) into the Remote Tool URL field.

12. Enter the Shared Secret in the Password field.

13. Enter the Page and Tool Title (optional).

14. Click the Update Options button.

For questions, please contact