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Setting up RCRS Research Integrity Modules in CTools


The RCRS Research Integrity Modules deliver highly-interactive training content on responsible conduct in research to postdocs, fellows, and students, as required by federal funding agencies. RCRS modules that are available in CTools as a series of new site templates.

Steps for setting up RCRS modules in CTools

1. After you have logged into CTools, click Worksite Setup in the left-hand menubar while you are in My Workspace.

2. Click New.

3. To create a site that incorporates the learning modules, select Create Site from Template.

4. In the drop-down menu that appears below, select the RCRS disciplinary option best suited to your purposes, for example, RCRS--Social & Behavioral Sciences.

Make sure the Copy Content option is checked!

5. Choose the term in the -- select term-- drop-down menu.

6. After you have selected the template and the term, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Go to Roster Selection.

7. On the Course/Section Selection page, select A for the Ann Arbor campus.

8. If this is a regularly-scheduled course, select the course name, which should appear in the drop-down menus for subject, course, and section.

9. If you are not setting up a regularly scheduled course (a workshop series, for example) go to the link Still cannot find your course/section? and on that page, select the campus. Then enter whatever subject, course and section identifiers you will use for your RCRS learning activity.

If you do not need a roster, type "No roster required" in the Special Instructions box.

10. Click Done -- go to site.

It may take a while for all the content to load.

11. Go to your list of CTools sites and choose the one you have just created.

It is still unpublished at this point and it is ready for you to customize. Click the Publish Now button above the left-hand menubar when you are ready to publish the site.