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Setting Up News
Sample RSS news feeds


RSS is a data format that is used to syndicate news on the web. It allows users to view continuously updated content from a news site in another website.

Sites that distribute news in RSS format are called "news feeds."

The CTools News tool is an RSS "news aggregator" (or "news reader") that reads and displays content from RSS news feeds.

In addition to news, some websites use the RSS format for information that is updated often, such as blogs, events listings, or the revision history of a book. Many feeds can be found by searching Google for RSS feeds in your area of interest. An RSS feed URL can usually be identified by the .rss or .xml in the URL.

For information on how to add the News tool or any other tool after you have created your site, click here, or click Edit Tools on the Site Info tool help page, which you can find under "Site Management" in the help table of contents.

Setting Up News

Users with the required permissions can set up a site to display the news. You must enter a URL to an RSS news feed. An RSS feed is a specially formatted kind of list of news articles. Note that while you are setting up a site, or at a later time, you can add more than one News tool.

1.. Click News in the menubar.

2.. Click Options.

3.. Type a name that will be displayed on the window with the news in it.

4.. Type the complete URL for an RSS news feed.

5.. Click Update Options.

Sample RSS News Feeds

Here is the URL for the NY Times RSS news feed:

The CNN RSS news feed:

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