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This online help page provides some very basic information about Modules (also known as Melete Lesson Builder). You can learn more about using Modules on this site:

Links for various help materials are in the left-hand menu.

For information on how to add the Modules tool or any other tool to CTools after you have created your site, click here (opens in a new browser window) or click Edit Tools in the Site Info page under "Site Management" in the help table of contents.


Modules is a lesson builder tool that allows authors to publish learning sequences that can be created by using a built-in online editor, by linking to web pages, or by uploading learning objects or documents of various formats. The learning (module) sequences that you create become on part of your CTools course website.

Modules tool terms

Module -- a lesson made up of multiple sections. Modules exist within a course site.

Section -- parts of a module; contain content

Content -- information in the sections

Next Steps -- instructions for students about what to do next, for example, go to the next module

Views -- three views with different functions

The three views

There are three views in which users can perform various functions:

Student View -- view and access modules

Author View -- add, edit or delete modules or sections, set access privileges, set start and end dates, make modules inactive, and much more

Manage View -- handle tasks such as sorting, re-activating, importing and exporting modules, etc.