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Using MCommunity/Google Groups with CTools


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Linking M+Google Resources with CTools Sites


Instructors on the Ann Arbor campus can create course groups in the MCommunity Directory based on course membership information from Wolverine Access. The groups are updated regularly as students drop and add courses. The groups are synchronized to Google UMICH and can be used for sending email and sharing Google resources.

Online Help

Find information about using MCommunity/Google Groups here: Course Groups in MCommunity and Google (S4390)

New! Linking M+Google Resources with CTools Sites

Instructors can create links from their CTools sites to resources in Google UMICH, such as documents and calendars, that have been shared with their MCommunity course groups.

Others at U-M who use CTools and Google UMICH can do the same with Google resources shared with regular MCommunity groups and individual members of the U-M community.

Learn how to use this new feature at: