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Known Issues


The following are known issues in the current CTools version that may cause problems for some users. The CTools Development Team is aware of these issues and we hope to have them resolved in a future release

•  Announcements Tool

Announcements that have attachments and are scheduled to open at a future date are not sending notification emails when they open. At this time, we recommend that you either:

- Paste the attachment into the body of the announcement.
- Put the announcement in a public space in the CTools site where participants or students can see it.

•  Chat Tool

To avoid performance issues when using Chat, display of existing chat messages has been limited to 500. To display more than 500, you can create a new chat room.

•  Drop Box Tool

When a student drops a course, his or her drop box is not automatically deleted.  This is to prevent CTools from automatically deleting work that a student might have put in the drop box. 

•  Gradebook Tool

At this time, the "set all ungraded items to zero" option in the Gradebook tool does not work.

• Images Created with Photoshop

Jpeg images that are created with Photoshop will not always display properly. This problem can be solved by using the "Save for Web" command in Photoshop and not the "Save as" command to create the jpeg.

• Logging Out 

Different web browsers handle cosign in different ways. (Cosign is a system used at UM for ensuring secure logins.) To be sure you have completely logged out of CTools, do all three of the following steps:

1. Select Logout in CTools
2. Select the Logout on the UM Weblogin page.
3. Quit your browser or empty the browser's cache.

• Piazza

Students -- When you open Piazza for the first time, you may see a box that says "Enter all the classes you're taking this term." Please leave this blank and just click Submit. CTools and Piazza will automatically keep track of your courses.

Faculty -- When you set up a Piazza class, you do not need to enter students in the "Enroll your Students" box, and when asked about TAs, you don't need to enter them (unless a TA is not on the official course roster). Students and TAs are automatically added to CTools course site Piazza classes.

Everyone -- If you have a Piazza class for more than one course, you can access all your Piazza classes while you are in any one of them. Be sure you are in the right Piazza class for the CTools course site you are in.

• Web Content Tool

Issue #1 -- Some websites are designed so they cannot be viewed inside other websites.  If you try to specify one of these websites so it will open in the Web Content tool, the website will take over the whole CTools window.  One solution is to have the website open in a new window:

A) Click the Site Info button in the left-hand menubar and then click Edit Tools. Click Continue to go past the page with the long list of tools. On the next page, delete the problem URL for that Web Content tool.  Click Continue and Finish

B) Next, go to the Web Content tool itself and click Options along the top of the window.  On the Options page, re-enter the same URL and check the box to open the URL in a new window. Click Update Options (you may need to scroll down to see the button).

Issue #2 -- On the homepage of a CTools site, there's a box for displaying site information. As with the Web Content tool, when you update Options with a URL so a webpage will show in the window, some URLs may take over the window. If this happens, you will need to contact to get it fixed.

• WebDAV

The WebDAV application for uploading multiple files is part of the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. Because many users have encountered problems with these WebDAV clients, we recommend that you download and install a free third-party WebDAV client. Users have had success with the following:

- AnyClient

- Independent DAV

- Cyberduck