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Joining a site

Joining course sites and project sites

If you are a student and you registered for an official course, you will automatically become a member of the course site for that course. Also, if a project or course site creator has added you as a participant of his or her site, then you are automatically a member. In either case, you will see a tab for the site in the blue banner across the top of the CTools screen, which you can click to open. (If there are too many tabs to fit in the blue banner, additional sites may be listed in the "drawer," which is a panel that opens when you click the More Sites tab.)


Some site creators choose to make their sites joinable. These are sites that you are not automatically a participant in, but you have the option to join. You can join one of these sites as follows:


1... If you are not already in your workspace, open it by clicking the My Workspace tab, which is the left-most tab directly under the CTools logo.


2... Click Membership in the left-hand menubar.

You may or may not see a list of project sites and/or course sites under the heading "My Current Sites." These are sites in which you are already a participant.


3... To see a list of sites that you can join, click Joinable Sites along the top of the main window.

4... Click the Join button under a site's name to join it.

The site you joined will be added to the list of your current sites.

5... To open a site in your Current Sites list, click on the site's name.


If there is a site that you think you should automatically be a member of or should be able to join, but it doesn't appear in either your Current Sites list or your Joinable Sites list, you will need to contact the site's creator or the instructor and request access.



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