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CTools Google Calendar (GCal)


Viewing GCal
Adding an Event
Changing Permissions
Linking an Assignment to GCal


With the GCal tool, you can add a Google Calendar to a CTools site, and you and your students (or site participants) can view the GCal calendar both from CTools and while in Google.

Instructors and owners can add and edit events in the GCal calendar. Instructors and owners can also adjust permissions to allow others to add events and change some settings on the events.

Note: Users of Friend Accounts cannot use GCal.

Terms used in this help page:

"Google Calendar" refers to the Calendar app on Google.

"GCal" is the Google Calendar tool that you can add to a CTools site.

For information on how to add GCal tool or any other tool after you have created your site, click here, or click Adding and removing tools, and changing options on the Site Info Tool help page, which you can access under "Site Management" in the help table of contents.

Viewing GCal

From CTools
To view the site's GCal calendar while in the CTools site, click the GCal link in the left-hand menubar. (You must do this before you can see it in Google Calendar).

From Google
Open Google Calendar. Your site's GCal calendar is listed under "My calendars" on the left side of the page.

Viewing Image

Adding an Event

From CTools

1. While in CTools, click the GCal link in the left-hand menubar.

2. Click the day you would like the event to fall on. You can also add items in week or day view.

Adding Event Image

3. In the box that opens, name the event, specify if it's all day, and choose the times.

4. Click Create.

Adding Event Image

5. To add more details to the event, click on the newly created event. The familiar Google Calendar event detail box will open.

From Google

While viewing your Calendar in Google, add an event as you typically would. It will automatically appear on your CTools site's GCal calendar.

Changing Permissions

There are default permissions for the calendar, which you can see by clicking the "Permissions" button above the calendar in GCal.

Permissions Image

Permission Image

gcal.view Allows users to indicate whether they are available or busy.

NOTE: Removing this will hide the tools from the user.

gcal.view.all Allows users to view the details of the event (e.g., event name).

gcal. edit Allows users in a particular role to edit events.

Linking an Assignment to GCal

The GCal tool must already be added to your site before you can link an assignment to it.

While you are creating the assignment, check Add due date to schedule, which is under the Assignment Instructions window.

Linking 1 Image

(If the assignment was already created, click Edit under its title in the assignment list. Then click Add due date to schedule under the Assignment Instructions window to link it to GCal.)

Linking 2 Image

After you have clicked Add due date to schedule and posted your assignment, it will appear on GCal on the due date of the assignment.

Students will also see the assignment on GCal, but they will not be able to open it from there.

You can also link an assignment to both GCal and the CTools Schedule tool:

1. Create an assignment.

2. Check Add due date to schedule as described above.

The assignment will appear on the Schedule tool.

3. Add GCal to the site.

4. Click Edit under the assignment's name.

5. Uncheck Add due date to schedule.

6. Click Save.

7. Check Add due date to schedule again.

8. Click Save.

The assignment will now appear on both the Schedule tool and the GCal tool.