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Contacting CTools Consultants

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You may find the answer to your question in this list of commonly-asked questions:

Why aren't I getting CTools email and announcements?

This typically occurs because the sender has not set an announcement to generate an email notification (see Step 8 in these instructions for creating announcements), or because recipients have set their announcement notification option so they will not receive emails designated as low priority (look here for information about setting up notification preferences).

Why can't my students see my site?

This is usually because the site has not been published (look here for information about publishing a site after it has been created), or because the site's tab is in their drawer, which appears when you click More Sites in the blue banner across the top of the CTools window (read more about tabs here).

Where can I find information about the newest CTools tools and features?

Information about new tools and features can be found as follows: click Help at the bottom of the left-hand menubar to open the Online Help and then click CTools Version 2.9 in the help's table of contents.

Also, information about new tools can be found under either Standard Tools or External Tools in the Online Help's table of contents, and, with most tools, you can click the Help button in the upper-right corner of the main window while you're using a new tool to see the help for that tool.

Around the time of an upgrade, there are also links to information about changes on the CTools gateway, and in "messages of the day" on the Gateway and in My Workspace.


Where is the tab for my course? I don't see it.

Any classes you have registered for in the current term will automatically show up as a tab when you log in to CTools.

Two common misconceptions:

1. In order for students to access materials for a course, each student has to create a course site for that course. Only instructors create course sites and students are granted to access to the instructor-created sites.

2. Students must join a course site for a class they've registered for. Once registered, a student is automatically added to the official course site for that class.

If you do not see the tab for a course site you are looking for, it's usually because:

A) The site's tab is not visible because it's in your CTools drawer, which is a panel that appears when you click More Sites on the banner across the top of the CTools screen (read more about tabs in the drawer here).

B) If you recently registered for the class, there may be a delay of up to 24 hours before the change in the registrar's database is reflected in CTools. If you need immediate access to the site, you will need to have your instructor manually add you to the site.

C) The site has not yet been created or the instructor has created the site but not published it. You will need to contact your instructor for further information.

I'm having trouble with my browser's back button.

Please don't use your browser's back button.

In the CTools, the back button won't always render the desired results. Please use the navigation buttons in CTools (e.g., Next, Cancel), instead.

CTools also has a reset button to the left of the tool's name when the tool is open. Clicking this button will return you to the tool's first (home) page.


Where is my course content? I don't see it.

If you don't see your course content, make sure you have selected the correct tab along the top of the main window.

I have a question about course content.

If you have questions about course content, please contact your instructor.

What is the difference between a course site and a project site?

Because they are intended to facilitate communication and learning between students and faculty instructors, course sites are more restrictive in terms of access permissions within the various tools. In contrast, in keeping with their collaborative nature, tools access/permissions on project sites are generally available to all site members. Some tools that are designed strictly for course sites (e.g., Assignments) are not available on project sites.


Can I create a course site if I'm not faculty?

Non-faculty can create course sites. In most instances, however, a project site will better meet the needs of non-instructional users of CTools. Note that non-faculty cannot link a student roster to a course site or otherwise make the site “official” for an actual University-offered course.

How do I set up a course site or project site?

There are two ways to access the site creation feature: click the little guy with a gear icon in the upper right of the CTools banner, or go to My Worksite if you're not already there. Click Worksite Setup in the icon's drop-down menu or in the left-hand menubar in My Workspace. Select the type of site you would like to create, and follow the on-screen setup steps. (Note: Only instructors can set up official course sites.) Additional information about setting up sites can be found in the Online Help: Setting up and Publishing a Site