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CTools Survey - Winter 2008
Dearborn Campus – Instructors & Students

Selected Results

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

When and how was the survey administered? The survey was administered online via UM.Lessons in April 2008. There was an incentive for instructor and student participants to be entered in a random drawing for $100 gift certificates (1 instructor and 2 students).
How many instructors were invited to participate? How many responded? All instructional faculty were invited to respond (n=495). There was a 27% response rate to the survey (n=135).
How many students were invited to participate? How many responded? All students were invited to respond (n=7,874). There was a 17% response rate to the survey (n=1,355).
What happens to the data from this survey? The CTools team reviews data from our annual surveys and uses this data in conjunction with other information to set priorities for improvements. More Details
How can I see survey information specific to my unit/department/college? Aggregate survey results can be generated for individual units by request. If you are interested in requesting such an aggregated view, please contact the CTools team.

Open CourseWare

Open CourseWare (OCW) is a learning technology movement among a growing number of higher-ed institutions. Typically, faculty volunteer to have course material (e.g. syllabus, reading lists, exercises, lecture notes, example papers, tests, etc.) posted on a web site available to the public. The most well known such site is the MIT OCW site, where a large number of faculty have contributed to their institutional site. There are a number of OCW sites at other institutions as well.

Qualitative Responses

For all qualitative responses, there are example quotes for each of the top five categories for each question. Click the text "Click Here" to see the example quote(s) in a new window.
Note: You may have to enable popups in your browser if the quotes window is not showing up properly.

After the Survey...

How is the survey used to make changes in CTools?

The CTools team, which includes designers, support staff, faculty advisors, technical advisors, and administrative personnel, reviews the annual CTools surveys and makes recommendations and sets priorities for improvements based on the quantitative and qualitative data gathered in the survey. The CTools team also uses data from other sources including user logs, support requests from users, help documentation tracking, and training workshop feedback to help determine the priorities for CTools improvements. The complexity, urgent need, available staff, and other factors all play a part in determining which priorities are set and how quickly changes can be made to CTools.

Based on feedback from the 2008 CTools survey and other user feedback, here are some of the changes that were made for the new release of CTools for Fall 2008:

Select How Many Appear
A highly requested feature in the 2008 survey, users may now select how many tabs appear across the top of their CTools screen. Available in My Workspace > Preferences > Customize Tabs
Test Center Test Center is an assessment tool that enables publishing, managing, grading and administering tests, quizzes, assignments, surveys and other assessments. Available for course and project sites.
Assignments A Prev/Return to list/Next navigation widget has been added to the grading page when grading student submissions. This makes it easier to get to the next student's submission in the list, rather than having to return to the list to select the next student.
Drop Box Drop Box now allows notification to the instructor / student on creation / upload of new resource. Also, in the instructor view, folders with recent changes are highlighted by an icon (orange plus sign).
iTunes U iTunes U allows site owners to easily post content - e.g., audio, video or pdf files of lectures, interviews, etc. - on the web. Students and project members can then use the iTunes U tool in CTools to access this content at any time. They can browse and download the files to their Macs or PCs or transfer them to their iPods. This tool has previously been available via a request to support. It is now available to users for selection when creating or editing sites.

Major changes to the CTools system depend on a larger set of issues pertaining to the open-source software that comprises the basic architecture of CTools. This software, Sakai, is an open-source Collaborative Learning Environment (CLE) that over 100 partner institutions help develop and support collaboratively. Through this collaboration, Sakai is constantly being updated and improved. As a member institution, Michigan can propose changes to Sakai that may be implemented by the entire community. These system-wide changes can then be used to update CTools. For more information about Sakai: http://www.sakaiproject.org


Questions? Comments?
Please contact the CTools Team.

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