Qualitative Example

Question: How has using CTools changed how you use in-class time?

Response Category: Time Saved

Example 1:
I spend a lot less time on administrative details. I don't have to make announcements about such stuff and students know they can find stuff in CTools. I also kill a lot fewer trees, putting stuff online that I'd otherwise hand out on paper. I put comments/questions up before each class that I'd otherwise take class time to provide, so students get to spend more time participating and less time listening to me set up discussions.

Example 2:
CTools has helped make my use of class time more efficient, as online discussion and questions identify which aspects of the assignment will require most extensive treatment during classtime, and introduce the students into the classroom in the midst of an already on-going discussion. In addition, logistical matters need no longer be discussed extensively during class time.

Example 3:
I have access to assignments at least 24 hours ealier than usual so I can hand back comments immediately. It saves about 48 hours of turn over time.