Qualitative Example

Question: What is the most important improvement you want in CTools?

Response Category (Students): Instructor's Use of CTools

Example 1:
More teachers need to utilize the resource. There should also be some standardization of the site. Some teachers put the syllabus in the Syllabus section, some teachers put it in Resources, even though there is a Syllabus section on the site. I think having more teachers utilize the site will make things so much better. I also would like teachers to start using the Schedule feature. I use it with my student group and it is very useful but I think it all goes back to teachers no knowing what to do or how to do it even though the new generation is a technology generation. Overall, CTools is amazing.

Example 2:
Encourage ALL professors to be more familiar/savvy with CTools. Some really utilize the technology, but others seem to dismiss it, don't know how to load documents, etc...

Example 3:
Use the features! CTools is feature-full - The instructors need to integrate the technology into their curriculum. CTools is very powerful. However, unless they are willing to learn to use it, it's useless.