Qualitative Example

Question: What is the most important improvement you want in CTools?

Response Category (Instructors): Gradebook

Example 1:
It would be very useful to be able to "weight grades" in the Gradebook the way you can for Blackboard. That way if quizzes are worth 15% of the grade, the quizzes can be counted in total for 15% instead of having to guess the number of points overall based on the number of quizzes or homework you expect to collect.

Example 2:
Fix the brain-dead Gradebook. It can't import an Excel spreadsheet directly. It has inflexible headings. It uses a class list that doesn't distinguish between auditors and students taking the course for credit, so averages are always wrong. It doesn't modify the class list to account for drop/adds. The only useful thing it does is allow students to get exam and assignment grades as soon as they are ready, without waiting for the next class session or rummaging through a cardboard box outside of my office.