Qualitative Example

Question: How has using CTools changed how you use in-class time?

Response Category: Assists In-Class Discussion

Example 1:
If we run out of time for a discussion or for sharing small group work in a large group, I have asked students to post their thoughts/findings on CTools. This way, I can review the students' work, and, ideally, the students can see one another's work as well. In other words, it has afforded some flexibility regarding time constraints in the classroom. I also encourage my students to find and post interesting articles or weblinks related to class. This used to take up time in the beginning of class (students would present interesting finds). Now, they can post on CTools - it saves time and allows students from other sections to see these items of interest as well.

Example 2:
I have my students post reading responses on the Wiki tool prior to a class in which they will present and lead discussion on a particular class text. This has led them to be better prepared, and, by allowing the other students to read the responses in advance, has led to a more effective use of class time for discussion, analysis, and additional activities.