Past Weekly Michigan Technology Polls:

Week of September 12th, 2011
Who may create CTools Project Sites?

Week of September 19th, 2011
Which CTools interactive tool do you consider to be the most valuable?

Week of September 26th, 2011
Which of the following features in your CTools My Workspace do you consider to be the most valuable?

Week of October 3rd, 2011
Which one are YOU?

Week of October 10th, 2011
Many places request / require that you not use some electronic devices. In which of the following have you not followed these instructions?

Week of October 17th, 2011
Which of the following was NOT a project aided by the UM3D Lab?

Week of October 24th, 2011
What is the first website you visit after logging in on a UM or UM-D computer?

Week of October 31st, 2011
Should CTools continue to post weekly polls?

Week of November 7th, 2011
Which of the following technologies are you most in favor of being used more in teaching & learning at Michigan?

Week of November 14th, 2011
About how many hours a day do you spend on social media websites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)?

Week of November 28th, 2011
If you use a laptop or tablet computer during class, what do you spend the majority of your time doing?

Week of December 5th, 2011
Which Internet search engine do you typically use?

Week of January 2nd, 2012
What kind of technology are you (or did you) going to listen / watch the Sugar Bowl on?

Week of January 9th, 2012
How do you prefer reading documents?

Week of January 16th, 2012
How many times per day do you check your e-mail?

Week of January 23rd, 2012
How often do you check past / non-active CTools sites to access documents or other information?

Week of January 30th, 2012
Which email service do you use the most often?

Week of February 6th, 2012
How do you purchase / borrow your textbooks? Check all that apply.

Week of February 13th, 2012
Have you taken the Mobile Library Services Survey yet?

Week of February 20th, 2012
How many site tabs do you have displayed in CTools?

Week of March 5th, 2012
Which Google Apps are you most excited about exploring for the first time? (pick 1 or 2)

Week of March 12th, 2012
How do you most often read / hear about news and current events?

Week of March 19th, 2012
How many tabs do you have open right now in your internet browser?

Week of March 26th, 2012
The Weblogin page lists 12 UM services that you can access. Which ones have you used this semester? Choose all that apply.

Week of April 2nd, 2012
Have you ever "Googled" yourself?

Week of April 9th, 2012
How do you listen to music? Choose all that apply.

Week of April 23rd, 2012
It's finals week and you are logging into CTools. What time is it right now?

Week of May 14th, 2012
Where do you store your documents?

Weeks of May 28, June 4 & 11, 2012
Where do you store your documents?

Weeks of June 18 & 25, 2012
When it's time to take a break, what technology do you reach for first?

Weeks of July 2, 9, & 16, 2012
At what "summery" places have you logged into CTools this term?

Weeks of July 23 & 30, 2012
What survey tool(s) do you use for courses, projects, or other University work?

Week of September 10th, 2012
How Many of Your Courses are Using CTools This Term?

Week of September 17th, 2012
Do you use Wikipedia for... (select all that apply)

Week of September 24th, 2012
What Method of Teaching do you Most Prefer?

Week of October 1st, 2012
At What Age Did You Receive Your First Email?

Week of October 8th, 2012
How Often Do You Change your UM (Kerberos) Password?

Week of October 15th, 2012
When are You Most Distracted by Technology?

Week of October 22nd, 2012
What Technologies Do You Use DURING Class? (choose all that apply)

Week of October 29th, 2012
If Given the Choice, How Would You Prefer to Conduct Your Instructor-Student Communication? (In addition to face-to-face)

Week of November 5th, 2012
Do You Know What Cyberinfrastructure Is?

Week of November 12th, 2012
Where Do You CURRENTLY Store Your Documents? (select all that apply)

Week of November 19th, 2012
Which Technologies Did You Use for Thanksgiving Travel This Year?

Week of November 26th, 2012
Do you have a notebook or tablet computer you can bring to class? (if needed)

Week of December 3rd, 2012
How will you complete the majority of your holiday shopping this year?

Week of December 10th, 2012
What online resources do you find valuable when studying for finals?

Weeks of December 17th, 24th, & 31st, 2012
What new technologies do you want, will receive, and/or will purchase over winter break?

Week of January 7th, 2013
What do you think of CTools' new look and feel?

Weeks of January 14th & 21st, 2013
How much do you trust information from the Internet?

Week of January 28th, 2013
How many hours do you spend playing video games per week?

Week of February 4th, 2013
What value would you place on having a lecture recorded and playable later (via web, podcast, etc.)?

Week of February 11th, 2013
How have you sent valentines this year?

Week of February 18th, 2013
What is the PRIMARY way you keep track of your commitments?

Weeks of February 25th and March 4th, 2013
How much of your coursework is done on a computer?

Weeks of March 11th and 18th, 2013
Which online database(s) / website(s) do you use to look up health-related information?

Weeks of March 25th and April 1st, 2013
How have you primarily been following the NCAA Basketball Tournament games?

Weeks of April 8th and 15th, 2013
On which social networks have you followed / friended your instructors (or students)?

May 2013
When taking a study break, what technology-related activities do you partake in?

June 2013
Do you plan to enroll in a Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) this summer?

July-Aug 2013
How often do social websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. distract you while attempting to do coursework outside of class time?

Fall 2013
How do you purchase / borrow your textbooks?

January 2014
When you need to print something, what do you do most often?

February 2014
WebDAV in CTools...

March 2014
Where do you study in the Shapiro Undergraduate Library (UgLi)?

Summer 2014
How often do you turn off (shut down) your personal computer or tablet?

Fall 2014
What technology do you think will be MOST IMPORTANT for your academic success this term?

January - February 2015
In your opinion, what is the purpose of a college education?

March - April 2015
For registration purposes, what would be the MOST IMPORTANT piece of additional information for you about a course (beyond the course guide)?