Worksite Setup

The Worksite Setup tool in My Workspace lists all CTools sites you belong to or own. In addition, you can create new sites, change sites, or delete sites here.

To create any kind of CTools site, click the "New" button. There are two kinds of CTools sites:

  • Official Course Website -- can only be created by the instructor of record his or her CTools course website

  • Project Site -- can be created and used by anyone at the University of Michigan for a working group, research project, or department work

Worksite Setup will walk you through a series to steps to create and configure your site. This includes selecting the features you want and creating an email alias for your automatic email account.

To make changes to a site you own later on, go to Worksite Setup in your Workspace, check the box next to the site you want to change, and click the "Revise" button. (You can also make changes by using the Site Info tool while you are in the site you want to change.)

Screen showing choosing which tools the site will have

Above: One of the steps in setting up a course or project site is choosing which tools the site will have



Any student, faculty, or staff member may create CTools project sites for group work, research, special events, etc. Project sites operate similarly to course sites allowing site members to collaborate, share materials, and maintain an shared online space.


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