Test Center

Test Center is an assessment tool that allows instructors and site owners to author, publish, manage, grade, and administer tests, quizzes, assignments, surveys and other assessments. Students typically use Test Center to take assessments and review their instructor's evaluation.

Instructors / Site owners create a pool of questions and then define different assessments that use some or all of the questions in a given pool. Grades for assessments can be automatically forwarded to the Gradebook tool.

Student view of a multiple choice question

Above: Student view of a multiple choice question




The most common use of Test Center is for online quizzes for students. An instructor may want to assess whether students understand a single concept or a group of topics.

Test Center can also be used as a survey tool. For example, if all new School of Information Masters students are participants on one project site, the school may use Test Center to survey the new students about their expertise of various technologies.


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