The Schedule tool allows instructors or site organizers to post items in a calendar format. Students can set up a Schedule in their Workspace. The calendar has day, week, month, year, and a flat list view.

Any Schedule item can have multiple attachments.

All Schedules on sites you have access to are merged in the My Workspace Schedule. You can also selectively merge Schedules from sites you have access to using the Merge feature from the site you want to add other Schedules to.

You can print an Adobe PDF file of any view of a Schedule by clicking the "Printable Version" button while in the desired view.

Screen showing a week of events for a particular site, in a calendar format

Above: A week view of events for a site. To see the full description for an event, you can click on the event title.




Many instructors use the Schedule to post readings for each class on the day they are due to be read.

Research, group and department projects often use the Schedule to post group deadlines.

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