Resources is the most commonly-used tool in CTools. In Resources, you can make many kinds of material available online. There are four types of resources: documents that you upload from your computer (word processing documents, spreadsheets, slide presentations, plain text, etc.); links to other websites; and html documents and simple text documents that you create right in the Resources tool.

Site participants may also create Citation lists of books, articles, and other scholarly works. Users can either create these lists manually, search the University Library for titles, or search Google Scholar. Click here for more information about this feature.

Using the Permissions feature, site owners can control which types of users can post, delete, and read documents in specific folders.

A screen showing an instructor or site owner's view of Resources, with many buttons showing actions available to them

Above: An instructor or site owner's view of Resources showing all the actions available to them, including revising, duplicating, setting permissions, and adding resources.




Many classes post weekly readings in Resources. Resources can include links to websites as well as other kinds of documents, like Adobe PDF files. Some also post presentations or slides used in lectures.

Using Permissions, a large collaboration site can use one folder in Resources as a space to archive important documents, and allow only certain site participants to modify those documents.

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