The Podcasts tool allows instructors and site owners to easily post digital media (e.g., audio, video or pdf files of lectures, interviews, etc.) on the web and distribute the content via an RSS feed. Unlike iTunes U, the Podcasts tool does not require the use of an external application.

Project members can download podcasts individually or subscribe to an RSS feed, which allows podcasts to be downloaded automatically to a podcatcher (such as iTunes). They can browse and download the files to their computers, and they can listen to and view the media on their computers or transfer it to their iPods to listen to or view it wherever they go.

By default, the RSS feed for the Podcasts tool is open to the public, but can be limited to project site participants by managing the access in "Options".

Podcasts tool used for course lecture recordings

Above: Podcasts tool used for audio recordings




A collaboration group might use the Podcasts tool to share video or audio clips pertinent to a research question or project topic.


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