iTunes U

iTunes U allows instructors and project managers to easily post digital media (e.g., audio, video or pdf files of lectures, interviews, etc.) on the web.

Students and project members can then use iTunes U to easily access this content at any time or "subscribe" and automatically download media as it is added. They can browse and download the files to their computers, and they can listen to and view the media on their computers or transfer it to their iPods to listen to or view it wherever they go.

Link opens the iTunes application

Above: Site participants click on the iTunes U menubar item, which then opens the iTunes application.

List of downloadable media

Above: All of the available media is displayed within iTunes. Site participants may either download the media files individually or click the "Subscribe" button to automatically download media as it is added by the instructor / site owner.





Instructors can record their lectures in audio and/or video and upload them to iTunes U for students to use for review of important topics.

A collaboration group might use iTunes U to share video or audio clips pertinent to a research question or project topic.


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