Email Archive

Each CTools site has an automatically-generated site email address. Email sent to the site email address is copied to all site participants and owners.

All messages sent to a CTools site's email address are stored in the Email Archive. The emails sent to site participants will indicate if there was an attachment and provide a link to access it from the site.

Site participants can choose how often they want to receive email sent to the site's email address in the Preferences feature in My Workspace.

Site owners can create an easy-to-remember alias for the site's email address when adding the Email Archive tool to the site.

List of emails sent to the site, sorted newest to oldest

Above: All emails sent to the site, sorted newest to oldest




CTools course sites can make use of the Email Archive to have an automatically-updated course email group. As students drop or add the course, they will be dropped or added to the email group appropriately.

Users who participate in more than one CTools site can choose to receive emails as they are sent, or in one daily email that includes all messages.

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