Chat is designed for real-time, unstructured conversations with users who are signed on to the site at the same time.

By default, Chat messages are saved and are visible to all users so that all site participants can benefit from clarifying conversations and questions and answers.

The Chat tool allows for more than one "Chat Room," which an instructor or site owner can create for specific kinds of Chats. These additional chat rooms can be created using the Options feature.

A blue icon is displayed in the "Users present" list next to users' names who are viewing the Chat tool. This way, other site participants know who is available to converse in Chat.

Chat screen showing a conversation between three students

Above: Chat screen showing a conversation between students signed on to the site.



Instructors can easily create an "Online Office Hours" Chat room for student questions and answers.

Dispersed collaboration groups can use Chat as a space to have conversations across distances or catch up with conversations they may have missed.

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