Announcements are used to inform site participants of current items of interest. Announcements can have multiple attachments such as documents or URLs. Site owners and instructors can choose to have an announcement automatically emailed to all of the site participants by using the High Priority setting, or to not have the announcement emailed by chosing No Notification.

You can draft and save an announcement before you send it out to site participants. Your drafts will be shown with a red "Draft" marker in your list of announcements.

Announcements from all sites you are a member of are displayed in My Workspace.

Creating a new announcement

Above: An instructor or site owner's view of creating a new announcement.

Creating a new announcement with required notification highlighted

Above: "High" notification is highlighted, which means all site participants will receive the announcement in email as well as seeing it on the site.





Announcements is a useful place to post a notice about an important change in deadlines, meeting times, or meeting locations.

If it is critical that all students or site participants get an announcement, an instructor can use the "high" notification setting to make sure the announcement is emailed to them.


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