What is CTools?

CTools is an advanced web-based course and collaboration environment. It is a set of tools designed to help instructors, researchers and students create course websites and project websites.

Using a web browser, users choose from the many tools in CTools and combine them to create a site that meets their needs. To use CTools, no knowledge of HTML is necessary.

For coursework, CTools provides features to supplement and enhance teaching and learning, such as:

For collaboration, CTools provides tools to help organize communication and collaborative work on campus and around the world, such as:


CTools is the University of Michigan's implementation of the Sakai CLE (Collaboration and Learning Environment). Sakai was and continues to be developed in an open-source project with other members of the Sakai Foundation. The Sakai Foundation is made up of over 100 schools, institutions, and commercial affiliates. For more information about Sakai, visit sakaiproject.org. CTools has evolved from the earlier applications CTNG (CourseTools Next Generation), UM.WorkTools, and the original UM.CourseTools.